Reconciliation Education

Reconciliation Education is dedicated to advancing reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through comprehensive educational resources and training programs. Its offerings include online courses, workshops, and materials focused on the history, cultures and rights of Indigenous peoples, the impact of residential schools, and the principles of reconciliation. Aiming to foster understanding, respect, and meaningful dialogue, Reconciliation Education partners with educational institutions, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations across Canada to promote awareness and action that contribute to the healing and rebuilding of relationships within communities.

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Despite its crucial mission and valuable content, Reconciliation Education faced significant challenges with its digital presence. Its website was poorly organized and offered little discoverability, failing to accurately reflect the organization's quality and importance.

The objectives set forth in partnership with Hypha HubSpot Development included:

  • Complete overhaul of the website to improve user experience, ensuring the site's structure, content, and design accurately represented Reconciliation Education's mission and resources.
  • Implementation of systems to enhance the sales process and reduce manual labor, particularly in managing learner inquiries.
  • Development of automated workflows to streamline communication and keep stakeholders informed.
  • Creation of authoritative content to establish Reconciliation Education as a leading voice on Indigenous reconciliation topics.

What We Did

  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Core Site Content
  • Website Design
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Collateral & Graphic Design

Tech Stack

  • cms hub icon CMS Hub
  • marketing hub icon Marketing Hub
various screenshots of images from Reconciliation Education website

The Results

Hypha HubSpot Development's interventions led to transformative outcomes for Reconciliation Education:

  • Website Redesign & User Experience Enhancement: The website was thoroughly reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up. The new design and organizational structure significantly improved the user experience, making it easier for visitors to discover and engage with Reconciliation Education's resources.
  • Communications Efficiencies: The introduction of a chatbot significantly reduced the volume of learner inquiries handled via email, freeing up staff to focus on more strategic tasks. This automation helped streamline interactions with businesses interested in purchasing products, optimizing the sales process.
  • Automated Workflows: By automating previously manual processes, Hypha HubSpot Development helped Reconciliation Education efficiently manage communications—keeping learners, partners, and potential clients well informed and engaged.
  • Impactful Content Creation: The development of key content pieces, such as an in-depth exploration of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action, established Reconciliation Education as an authoritative source on reconciliation and Indigenous rights. This content not only elevated the organization's online authority, but also supported its mission to educate and inform a broad audience.
  • Infrastructure Support for Learner Questions: Hypha HubSpot Development provided Reconciliation Education with the necessary digital infrastructure to effectively manage and respond to learner questions, further enhancing the organization's ability to serve its community.
Through strategic digital enhancements and the implementation of automation and content strategies, Hypha HubSpot Development empowered Reconciliation Education to confidently present itself to major clients and the public. This partnership improved Reconciliation Education's digital footprint and reinforced its commitment to fostering reconciliation across Canada.

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