Hypha Development AI Usage Policy

Hypha - Updated: October 6, 2023

At Hypha Development, we incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our suite of services to enhance our capabilities and offer innovative solutions to our clients. We believe in harnessing the potential of AI responsibly. This policy is designed to communicate our approach and commitment to transparency, quality, and ethical considerations concerning AI usage.

Transparency in AI Assistance

Whenever AI contributes to content creation or modification, we ensure it is disclosed/made known. Clients can expect transparency either through direct communication or contractual details.

Transparency Statement:

"We employ AI for specific content enhancement activities. To guarantee transparency and data privacy, our internal standards guide AI utilization. All content, including AI-assisted outputs, undergoes rigorous human evaluation to ensure alignment with our client's expectations and the acknowledged constraints of AI."

Our AI Tools and Ecosystem

As a dedicated HubSpot partner agency, our primary tools reside within the HubSpot ecosystem, including the likes of ChatSpot. While these embedded tools are central to our operations, from time to time, we may explore and incorporate external AI tools that align with our standards and further our commitment to delivering unparalleled service.

Commitment to Human Oversight

While AI offers many advantages, human expertise remains paramount. Content solely generated by AI will never be presented without thorough human review to guarantee its accuracy, quality, and ethical considerations.

Restricted AI Usage

Certain activities are kept AI-free to ensure the best quality. Notably, at the time of writing, “hallucinations” are a significant issue with many generative AI tools. As such, we do not rely on them for direct research for content creation.

Ensuring Excellence:

  • 1. Bias Prevention: Content is reviewed for unintended biases, guaranteeing inclusivity.
  • 2. Data Privacy: Your data is sacred. We employ tools with stringent privacy standards and never misuse or share client-specific data.
  • 3. Security: Recognizing cyber threats, we align with trusted and secure AI platforms.
  • 4. Ethical Standards: Our commitment is to always act in our client's best interest. We never use AI to mislead or produce inauthentic content.
  • 5. Impersonation Policy: AI-assisted impersonation is strictly off-limits unless explicitly approved by the client.

Ongoing Employee Training

Our team undergoes continuous training, ensuring they are abreast of AI developments and its ethical implications, guaranteeing the best service to our clients.

Policy Acceptance

This policy underscores our commitment to leveraging AI's strengths while prioritizing transparency, integrity, and client satisfaction. We are constantly revisiting our standards to stay ahead, offering the best in both technology and human touch to our clients.

Note: each of the points represented in this policy was drafted by humans using a template produced by Jasper.ai. Once the original points had been drafted, ChatGPT was used to assist with tightening and reorganizing the points. The policy was then reviewed and edited by several members of Hypha’s senior management team.