Gold Standard: HubSpot's Digital Marketing, Compliance & Security Solutions for Financial Firms

Today’s financial firms are well familiar with market turbulence and ever-changing landscapes. The tech revolution has compelled these and other highly regulated firms to accelerate digital transformations while maintaining strict compliance standards.

This transformation shows no sign of slowing, especially with the rise of AI and emerging technologies. 

Meanwhile, your clients are increasingly online, making digital engagement an expectation, not just a savvy marketing strategy.

Navigating this complex terrain is simpler when your digital marketing, data security, and tech stack align seamlessly with compliance standards and customer demands. 

To emphasize the contemporary challenges faced by financial firms:

  • A notable 54% of executives cite data silos as one of the major barriers to innovation.
  • Almost half, or 46%, have plans to enhance regulatory compliance efforts.

The bottom line: With consumers increasingly relying on digital platforms for their financial needs, the demand for robust and compliant digital marketing solutions has never been more critical. 


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So how do you stay proactive and improve your chances of conquering these challenges while maintaining compliance?

Enter HubSpot, where vigilance is a top priority. 

The leading CRM and sales platform is the digital cornerstone for various industries, spanning finance and healthcare to risk management, cybersecurity, and beyond. While it excels in simplifying data capture and streamlining lead generation, HubSpot offers much more.

Trusted by more than 150,000 customers, HubSpot unites your CRM and CMS, and is complemented by an array of marketing and sales tools that amplify your online presence. And it helps you sort, analyze, and streamline critical data to generate high-quality leads, all within a secure environment.

HubSpot’s End-To-End Approach to Security 

Robust Framework

HubSpot’s security protocols are supported by a comprehensive four-tier framework, which it calls its “key objectives”:

  • Diligently safeguarding privacy and sensitive data
  • Ensuring seamless service continuity
  • Preserving the integrity of information
  • Implementing robust compliance controls

These standards not only meet but aim to exceed SOC 2 Trust Service Principles set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICP).

Layered Security  

The company utilizes a “defense-in-depth approach” to protect data. This encompasses infrastructure and application security, customer data protection, data backup and disaster recovery, identity and access control, and more. 

HubSpot's third-party cloud-hosting provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), is trusted by large corporations and government entities, including intelligence agencies.

HubSpot also uses a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect customer content, enabling it to monitor real-time traffic and potential threats.

First Line of Defense

Digital security risks aren't just external: humans—in the form of employees and contractors—represent a significant vulnerability to organizations, and a major pain point for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).   

HubSpot's suite provides simple, intuitive tools for identity and access control to effectively manage different levels of clearance.

The company also strongly encourages customers to utilize Two-Factor Authorization and Single Sign-On (SSO) to help prevent breaches. 


With so much digital customer information, data privacy and protection are critical considerations for organizations of all sizes and types—especially financial institutions.

HubSpot makes it easy to comply with various regulations. The platform undergoes SOC 2/3 certification annually and offers features that make GDPR compliance easy, including an option to perform a GDPR delete, which permanently erases relevant data.

The Hypha Way

With nearly a decade of experience as a trusted HubSpot partner agency, Hypha HubSpot Development excels in crafting powerful digital marketing solutions backed by the platform's robust compliance and regulatory frameworks. Our expertise lies in guiding clients through the seamless implementation and optimization of their tech stack, and in maximizing the utility of HubSpot's CRM while safeguarding valuable customer data.

  • Trusted: Hypha serves organizations in industries with stringent compliance standards, including finance, risk management, healthcare, cybersecurity, and payment processing.
  • Analytical: Our team effectively leverages your data to supercharge your business, from first point of contact to managing the service and retention process. 
  • Experts: Hypha's in-house team of HubSpot implementation experts ensure all aspects of your tech stack meet regulatory standards. 
  • Storytellers: With content professionals experienced in financial writing, we offer best-in-class storytelling to amplify your brand.

Adopting these innovative solutions empowers financial firms to stay ahead of the curve, meet regulatory requirements, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in a dynamic and competitive landscape. Hypha HubSpot Development specializes in crafting tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of the finance industry, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in an increasingly digital financial world. 

Case Studies

Hypha: Trusted by Financial Institutions & Other Highly Regulated Firms


Boosting Data Security & Regulatory Compliance

Hypha partnered with the compliance team of a Long Island-based investment advisor with more than $2 billion AUM. Together, we performed an audit of the firm's tech stack to heighten their data security and compliance posture.

Hypha helped to:

  • Migrate the firm’s onto HubSpot’s CRM
  • Rebuild the firm's site on the HubSpot CMS

These upgrades not only improved transparency and functionality across the tech stack, but ensured the advisor adhered to some of the highest possible standards of regulatory compliance, privacy, and data security--for both storing client information and conducting intelligent, just-in-time outreach to potential investors.


Reinforcing Customer Trust & Data Privacy

A well-known credit union asked Hypha to undertake a comprehensive website rebuild to improve performance and user experience (UX). Maintaining member trust, including data privacy, is essential to the credit union’s mission of serving its community, so sticking with HubSpot’s industry-leading solution was a no-brainer.

Hypha’s site improvements included:

  • Streamlining website pages and site navigation
  • Rebuilding modules for better site management
  • Leveraging HubDB to centralize frequently changing elements

These changes led to more efficient and inviting user experiences, while reinforced to prospective and current members that the credit union and its systems meet strict regulatory requirements.