Flipping the Switch: How HubSpot Can Help Power the Cleantech Revolution 

The cleantech industry has witnessed remarkable advancements in the past decade, with so many untapped opportunities on the horizon.

To stand out from the competition, it's crucial to invest in digital marketing and sales solutions that cater to your customers' needs, promote scalability, and address significant challenges such as lengthy sales cycles, consumer education, and generating high-quality leads.

Clean Energy Meets Streamlined Tech Stack

As clean energy technology seeks to scale up amid heightened awareness over the climate crisis and significant public sector financial investments, it's evident that firms will need a more robust and streamlined tech stack.

Part and parcel of that is empowering your business with an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that gives everyone access to important data, workflows, quality leads, and much more.

Powered by HubSpot's world-class CRM, cleantech companies can leverage customer and prospective client information to develop clear and accessible communication—making your products easier to understand and, most importantly, tangible in the eyes of consumers.


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Streamline Those Stubbornly Long Sales Cycles

Whether you're selling your cleantech solutions to local municipalities, commercial property owners, or homeowners, the sales cycle is undoubtedly long and tedious.

With advanced digital marketing solutions, you can leverage your refreshed tech stack to appropriately target relevant leads and streamline the customer journey. 

Here's how it works: HubSpot gives you the power to segment customer data as you see fit—allowing you to target specific groups or individuals with valuable and actionable information. From there you can see what works and what doesn't, enabling you to make strategic choices. 

Forget cold-calling or door-to-door sales tactics. 

This is the era of quality data, actionable insights, and smoother sales cycles.

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Public Education Through Thoughtful & Accessible Content

Actionable data and easy-to-understand communications are key to boosting the potential of cleantech solutions.

While everything from solar, wind, battery technologies, and other methods, are on the rise, these sustainability solutions remain a distant second to traditional fossil fuels, which is harming climate-saving efforts.  

What clean energy technology has over fossil fuels, however, is growing public support. A global poll found that the majority of citizens (68%) support solar energy and wind power (54%), for example.

But there is one problem: The concept of cleantech suffers from a lack of widespread consumer education and misconceptions about its present utility, costs, and broader significance.

Wherever your company provides cleantech solutions, information, and content must be fully accessible so people better understand not only how renewables will help the environment but their wallets and businesses as well.

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You have the power to create tools that improve the planet. HubSpot provides a comprehensive digital infrastructure that helps generate valuable leads, streamlines data, and simplifies your tech stack.

HubSpot: The All-In-One Solution for Cleantech

Streamlined Tech Stack

Powered by its industry-leading CRM, HubSpot centralizes your digital marketing and sales solutions. With everything easily accessible and under one roof, you can develop strategic plans to help capture and nurture leads, shortening historically long sales cycles. HubSpot's CMS makes producing campaigns and distributing related content easy, all the while ensuring Google and other search engines take notice.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

For years, HubSpot has been the primary platform of choice for B2B companies. Why? Well, it excels at assisting businesses in nurturing leads, particularly those with extended sales cycles, similar to those found in the cleantech industry.

With effective lead nurturing, B2B firms navigate the seemingly complicated buyer's journey to help potential clients reach a decision they're comfortable with. 

And, by helping users along the process, you've already made a positive impression that will improve your chances of turning these prospects into customers.

Standout from the (Growing) Competition

That there's growing enthusiasm for cleantech is actually a good thing—we all want more renewable choices to help address some of the most pressing problems related to climate change. However, that makes it more difficult to stand out from the crowd. 

With HubSpot, you'll have a fully developed tech stack, industry-leading CRM, a CMS that enables you to deliver fresh and smart content to your target audience, and the ability to integrate with other sales and marketing tools.

HubSpot puts you on firmer footing than competitors using old sales tactics that simply do not have the same ROI.

The Hypha Way

With nearly a decade of experience as a trusted HubSpot partner agency, Hypha HubSpot Development has had success platforming and building robust digital marketing solutions for companies across industries, including in cleantech and in other areas of the movement to reduce the harmful impacts of the climate crisis.

  • With HubSpot integration specialists and industry experts on staff, we leverage our collective experience to help companies develop full-fledged digital marketing solutions, which can be adapted as they scale up.
  • We help you increase relevant traffic to your site and generate and nurture quality leads.
  • As you grow, there's a temptation to build out your tech stack. We'll help you identify the best solutions and integrate them with HubSpot, ensuring your tech stack is actually helping you scale.

With a long history in advocacy storytelling and supporting clients doing the hard work of improving the planet for the better, we understand how important it is for cleantech to scale up.

And with so much on the line, there's really no other choice.

Case Study

Hypha: Empowering Sustainable Energy Solutions with Advanced Digital Strategies

Elevating Online Presence & Enhancing User Engagement 

Hypha partnered with a prominent solar energy company to revolutionize its digital strategy and strengthen its online presence. Our collaborative mission focused on enhancing user engagement through a comprehensive digital transformation.

Hypha helped to:

desktop-icon Conduct a full site rebuild on the HubSpot CMS, incorporating SEO optimization and user-friendly design.
quote-icon Take over the blogging responsibilities, delivering weekly SEO-rich blogs, each tied to a specific solar energy topic.
bar-chart-icon Create engaging and effective landing pages that significantly increased sales conversions.
mail-icon Design and implement targeted email campaigns that improved customer engagement and generated valuable sales leads.
content-icon Develop a suite of sales collateral, including data sheets, marketing slicks, and white papers, to boost lead generation and sales.

These initiatives augmented the company's website traffic and positioned it as a knowledge leader in the solar energy sector. Our efforts resulted in a more informative and navigable website, fostering increased customer interaction and sales.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility and information dissemination in the renewable energy sector, we focused on delivering a seamless and informative online journey for the firm’s customers.

These improvements led to a more dynamic and user-centric website, significantly elevating its online authority and customer appeal.