HubSpot Planning, Implementation & Retainer Pricing

Our services are organized into three main categories: Front-End Web Design & CMS Development, HubSpot Platform Configuration & Integration, and Inbound Marketing & Content Development, all built around the HubSpot platform. We design, build, configure, integrate and scale businesses based on their unique infrastructure and goals. Additionally, we provide Strategic Planning & Systems Design services to equip you with a personalized roadmap to achieving and exceeding your goals.

Below, build your own plan or hire us to build the plan for you. Contact us when you are ready to get started!

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Front-End Web Design & CMS Development

Re-platform and re-invent your website on the HubSpot platform to maximize its fullest potential with beautiful and highly responsive, conversion-focused design.

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HubSpot Platform Configuration & Integration

Custom API integrations, data syncing, optimized automation—re-configure your business into a singular revenue engine on the most innovative and flexible platform.

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Inbound Marketing & Strategic Content

Expand your customer base, convert more leads, close more deals, and achieve sustainable growth with content and strategies engineered for success.

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Build Your Own Quote

Use the pricing and timing tools below to get an idea of what your project is going to take to implement.

Or, let us build a plan for you.

Implementation Pricing

Service Price Discounted
Account Management
Strategic advisor assigned to manage your account and ensure client satisfaction
$500 $500
Web/Graphic Design
Front-end design support to manage web design and visual creative assets
CMS Development
Custom HubSpot CMS theme and template production
Strategic Content
Core site content, meta data, blog and marketing email developemnt
Marketing Hub
Hub configuration and marketing automation systems
Sales Hub
Hub configuration and system optimization
Service Hub
Hub configuration and system optimization
Custom Integration
Sync data between HubSpot and other platforms
$4,750 $4,750
Total: $0 /month

Time to Implement

Service Scope
Website Size
Website Design
Strategic Content
Blog Migration
Marketing Automation
Data Migration
Sales Team Size
Service Team Size
Custom Integration
Total Months: 0

Total months to implement is an approximate time required to launch.

Service agreements can conclude early based on actual delivery or extended on a rolling monthly basis. 

Strategic Planning & Systems Design

Illustration of woman working together to assemble design elements with white shirt

Let us build a comprehensive strategic roadmap tailored to your unique business needs.

Our recommendations are centered around you, in the context of your existing tech stack, short- and long-term goals, and available HubSpot software. Based on your needs, planning includes:

 Implementation Incentive

If you choose to retain Hypha for implementing your plan, a portion of the Audit and Planning expense are applied to service delivery.


General deliverables available in each service category. While not all deliverables will be required for your project, any can be added as needed with the understanding it may impact the length of the project.

Account Management

Project Trafficking

Main point of contact, coordinating all meetings and deliverables

User and Team Set Up

Add users, User Permissions, Roles and Team Settings

Database Import and Segmentation

Personas, Lifecycle Stage, and Owners

App Marketplace Integrations

Assist with third party integration in the App Marketplace

Data Cleansing

May require Operations Hub or API Support

Advanced Database Migration

May require Custom Integration/API Support.


Strategic Content

Core Website Content

Navigation and User Journey Mapping

Competitive Keyword Analysis

SEO Driven Strategic Content Plan

Marketing Email Content

Seed Blogs

Content Offers

Checklists, Cheatsheets, eBooks, White Papers, etc.

Blog Migration and Formatting

Web/Graphic Design


Site Design Mockups

Logo Design

Collateral Production

Email Signatures

Provide html email signature template

CMS Development



Core Website Build with Editable Templates

Custom Modules for Easy Maintenance

System Pages

Subscription Preferences, 404 Pages

Optimized for Accessibility



Marketing Email Content


SEO Optimization


Checklists, Cheatsheets, eBooks, White Papers, etc.

Microsite Environment

Member Registration



Marketing Hub



Editable page and email templates

Forms for Lead Generation

CTAs and Landing Pages

Email Marketing and Automation



Social Media Integrations


eCommerce Functionality

May require API Support Package

Content Personalization

Checklists, Cheatsheets, eBooks, White Papers, etc.

Marketing Dashboards

Sales activity analytics and reporting

Lead Scoring and Routing

Set up lead scoring and distribution criteria

Custom Objects



Standard CRM Integrations

Available in the App Marketing Place

Team Training





Sales Hub



Contact and Lead Management

Lead, prospect, opportunity and customer organization

Document Sharing and Tracking

Customize Pipelines and Deals

Establish pipeline stages, required properties, deal data display

Email tracking and templates


Sales Email Templates and Tracking

Guidance on sales email templates and canned #snippets

Meeting Scheduling and Calendar Integration

Forms that sync with Google or Office Calendars

Sales Sequences Training

Guidance on personalized sales automation outreach

Pipeline Automation

Workflows to maintain pipeline health

Sales Dashboards

Sales activity analytics and reporting

Salesforce Integration

Standard Salesforce and HubSpot Data Sync


Service Hub



Customize Pipeline and Ticket Flow

Establish pipeline statuses, required properties, ticket data display

Custom Ticket Properties

Create additional ticket properties to customize HubSpot instance

Pipeline Automation

Workflows to maintain pipeline health

Ticket Channels

Support Forms, Email, Chat



Ticket Routing

Set up Ticket Assignment Systems

Chatbot Set Up

Build initial Chatbot flows

Feedback Surveys

Launch Customer Support, Satisfaction (NPS) and Feedback Surveys

Support Email and Snippet Templates

Guidance on support email templates and canned #snippets

Knowledge Base Setup

Create Knowledge Base Templates

Member Registration


Custom Integration



Data Migration

Establish pipeline statuses, required properties, ticket data display

Permanent Data Syncing Between Systems

Create additional ticket properties to customize HubSpot instance

Transactional Emails

Workflows to maintain pipeline health

Custom Coded Actions

Support Forms, Email, Chat