Page at 63 Main

In the heart of Sag Harbor, New York, Page at 63 Main has become a culinary landmark, celebrated for its New American-style cuisine that pays homage to Long Island’s rich agricultural heritage. With a menu marrying refined elegance with seasonal and memorable fare, the restaurant prides itself on its commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
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Launch Date

September 01, 2023


Page at 63 Main partnered with Hypha HubSpot Development to accomplish several key objectives aimed at enhancing its online footprint:

  • To undergo a comprehensive website redesign reflecting the sophistication and ambiance of the restaurant and aligning its digital experience with the physical allure of dining at Page at 63 Main.
  • To update online menus regularly, ensuring they accurately represent the current offerings, which frequently change based on seasonal availability and ingredient freshness.
  • To develop and implement a dynamic content strategy that engages customers through regular blog posts—showcasing the restaurant's collaboration with local purveyors, including farms, wineries, breweries, and florists.

What We Did

  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Core Site Content
  • Website Design

Tech Stack

various screenshots of images from Page at 63 Main website

The Results

The collaboration between Page at 63 Main and Hypha HubSpot Development yielded significant improvements across several key areas:

  • Website Redesign: The website underwent a transformative redesign, capturing the essence of Page at 63 Main’s elegant dining experience. 
  • Menu Updates: Hypha worked closely with the Page team to keep the online menus up to date, reflecting the seasonal and fresh ingredients that define the restaurant's offerings. 
  • Engaging Content: Through a targeted content strategy, the website became a hub for storytelling, highlighting the restaurant’s deep connections with local suppliers. Regular blog posts not only informed visitors about the sources of their meals, but also emphasized Page at 63 Main’s role in supporting the local community and economy. 
The strategic enhancements to the website deepened engagement with current and potential customers, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to quality, community, and sustainability.

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