Paesana stands testament to the rich culinary traditions of Italy, brought to American tables through its family-owned jarred pasta sauce company. With a heritage of importing select ingredients directly from Italy, Paesana offers a diverse range of products, from pasta and pizza sauces to organic, plant-based options, condiments, and olives. While consumers recognize Paesana from supermarket shelves, the industry knows it as L&S Packing, the premium private label manufacturer for leading brands throughout the United States for decades.
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Launch Date

October 01, 2018


Paesana's collaboration with Hypha HubSpot Development aimed to rejuvenate its online presence with a dual focus: a full site redesign to reflect the brand's traditional values and content overhaul to enhance visibility in the competitive jarred sauce market. 

Specific goals included:
  • Implementing a full site redesign that aligns with Paesana's brand identity and product range.
  • Developing an online store using Shopify for product inventory and fulfillment, integrated with HubSpot for a seamless customer ordering experience.
  • Launching a comprehensive content strategy focused on weekly blogging and original recipes featuring Paesana products to boost both brand awareness and direct-to-consumer engagement.

What We Did

  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Corporate Messaging
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Core Site Content
  • Marketing Hub Implementation
  • Website Design
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Sales Hub Implementation

Tech Stack

  • marketing hub icon Marketing Hub
  • sales hub icon Sales Hub
various screenshots of images from Paesana website

The Results

The strategic initiatives deployed by Hypha HubSpot Development propelled Paesana to new heights in digital marketing and e-commerce:

  • Website Redesign & Shopify Integration: The revamped website, coupled with a Shopify-powered online store, streamlined the shopping experience, facilitating inventory management and order fulfillment directly through the HubSpot CMS interface.
  • Content Marketing Success: The exhaustive content plan—including Italian food-themed blogs and original recipes using Paesana products—yielded substantial growth in Paesana's digital footprint:
    • Keyword Growth: From 13 top 10 keywords and 201 total in January 2019 to 89 top 10 and 2,795 total by January 2021.
    • Traffic Increase: Monthly sessions surged from less than 2,500 in December 2019 to more than 12,500 by December 2020, with a notable rise in both branded and non-branded traffic, indicating heightened brand recognition and reach to new audiences.
    • Engagement Through Content: Several pieces of content were prominently featured on Reddit, garnering thousands of upvotes, which further amplified brand visibility and engagement.
  • White Label Business Enhancement: Hypha's efforts also reinforced Paesana’s position in the white label sector, broadening its business scope and market reach.
  • Major Retail Success: Amidst these digital advancements, Paesana secured a significant agreement to distribute its sauce in Costco stores—marking a major milestone in their retail expansion.
This comprehensive approach solidified Paesana’s online authority and significantly enhanced its market presence, showcasing the impactful synergy between strategic digital marketing and traditional business growth.
12,500 Monthly Sessions At Peak
2,795 Total Keywords At Peak
1,000s Of Reddit Upvotes

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