Cloud Dentistry

Cloud Dentistry is at the forefront of the dental staffing industry with its innovative marketplace platform, designed to connect dental professionals seeking employment with dental practices in need of temporary or permanent staff. With more than 92,000 verified dental professionals and 27,000+ dental offices nationwide, Cloud Dentistry offers unparalleled flexibility, control, and direct communication through its mobile app—revolutionizing how dental staffing is managed across the country.

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Cloud Dentistry enlisted Hypha HubSpot Development to enhance its HubSpot implementation and provide comprehensive support for its marketing, sales, and service efforts. The primary goal was to transition from a cluttered and inefficient Enterprise HubSpot portal to a streamlined, scalable system. Throughout the course of four months, Hypha conducted a thorough audit and migration, resulting in a well-organized portal that empowers Cloud Dentistry's sales, customer service, and marketing teams to grow and operate more independently.

What We Did

  • Marketing Hub Implementation
  • Content Creation
  • Collateral & Graphic Design
  • Sales Hub Implementation
  • Service Hub Implementation
  • API Integration

Tech Stack

  • cms hub icon CMS Hub
  • marketing hub icon Marketing Hub
  • service hub icon Service Hub
various screenshots of images from Cloud Dentistry website

The Results

Market Expansion & Sales Growth:

  • Territory Expansion: With the establishment of a new, clean Enterprise HubSpot portal and development of reliable inter-departmental systems, Cloud Dentistry's presence soared from nine markets in 2021 to 45 in 2024—a 400% growth in territory reach.
  • Revenue Doubling: Through optimizing its sales process, pipelines, and reporting systems, Cloud Dentistry doubled its revenue from 2021 to 2023. By identifying the most impactful lead sources, and implementing BDR and Virtual Assistant support, the company has ensured continuous growth and scalability.

Customer Service Enhancement:

  • Frictionless Support: The transition to automated ticketing systems and  establishment of processes for routing sales opportunities from support to sales have played a crucial role in managing the surge in customer tickets—from 4,000+ in the first year to more than 14,000 in 2023.

Marketing & System Integration:

  • Comprehensive Support: Hypha HubSpot Development facilitated a holistic support system that enhances collaboration across departments. This includes managing creative and editorial assets, nurturing dental professionals through educational processes, and promoting scholarship and certification programs.
  • App & Website Integration: Ensuring seamless data flow between the Cloud Dentistry app and website has been critical. This integration supports the dynamic and growing database of dental office administrators and professionals, maintaining accuracy and engagement.
  • Sales & Ticketing Pipeline Optimization: Custom pipelines and sales automation maximized lead conversion opportunities, while a robust ticketing pipeline supports Cloud Dentistry's expanding user base—ensuring professional, timely support.

Through strategic HubSpot enhancements and targeted support systems, Hypha HubSpot Development has played a pivotal role in Cloud Dentistry's significant growth and operational efficiency. This partnership has not only streamlined internal processes but expanded Cloud Dentistry's market presence, solidifying its status as a leader in the dental staffing industry.

400% Territory Growth From 2021 to 2024
14,000+ Tickets Resolved in 2023
Revenue Doubled From 2021 to 2023
"Working with the Morey team has been a game changer for our business in nearly all aspects. Everything from them rebuilding our HubSpot from the ground up to their work on marketing content has been beyond our expectations. Their passion for understanding who we are and what we do is unmatched and has broadened the horizons for our company."
Kohn, E.- Recruiting/Staffing 11 to 25 employees

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