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Founded in 1982, CAF Worldwide has established itself as an industry-leading, full-service logistics provider. With a focus on adapting to changes in the global distribution landscape, CAF has consistently prioritized exemplary customer service and retention, setting it apart in the freight forwarding industry. CAF's use of advanced technology, coupled with extensive experience and highly trained personnel, enables it to provide customers the highest level of service and innovative supply chain solutions.
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Launch Date

February 01, 2018


Hypha HubSpot Development's engagement with CAF Worldwide was driven by several key objectives:

  • Enhanced Visibility: To ensure CAF is easily found by relevant customers in a competitive market.
  • Competing With Global Names: Addressing the challenge of being overshadowed by larger global entities in the shipping and logistics industry.
  • Audience Engagement: A boost was needed to reach and engage the right audience effectively.
  • Website Redesign: The creation of a redesigned website that reflects CAF's industry stature and capabilities.
  • Authoritative Quarterly Reports: Developing robust, exceptional quarterly reports, presented in a way that positions CAF as an industry leader and authority on the global stage.
  • SEO-Focused Strategy: Implementing a search engine optimization strategy aimed at achieving higher rankings and a greater online presence.

What We Did

  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Corporate Messaging
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Migration
  • Blog Migration
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Core Site Content
  • Marketing Hub Implementation
  • Website Design
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Collateral & Graphic Design
  • API Integration

Tech Stack

  • cms hub icon CMS Hub
  • marketing hub icon Marketing Hub
various screenshots of images from CAF Worldwide website

The Results

The partnership between Hypha HubSpot Development and CAF Worldwide culminated in a transformative impact on CAF's digital strategy and market presence, with significant achievements in SEO and online visibility:

  • Quarterly Reports: The implementation of detailed quarterly reports repositioned CAF as a larger, more influential entity within the shipping and logistics industry, enhancing its market reputation. This strategic initiative was supplemented by effective lead generation tools and a targeted social media strategy on LinkedIn, resonating strongly with its core audience.
  • SEO & Keyword Rankings:
    • At their peak, CAF ranked for more than 1,150 keywords, currently holding strong at 719.
    • CAF achieved more than 110 top 10 positions, competing effectively against large multinationals such as Maersk and Cosco.
  • Website Redesign & Digital Marketing:
    • A full website overhaul not only modernized CAF's appearance, but reinforced its online identity and professional appeal.
    • Integration of Marketing Hub—including landing pages, automation, and email campaigns, coupled with strategic content creation and competitive keyword analysis—significantly boosted CAF's SEO and audience engagement.
  • Traffic & User Engagement:
    • Achieved a peak traffic of approximately 5,500 visits in March 2022.
    • Currently maintaining an average of 2,000 visits per month, indicating consistent online engagement.
These results underscore Hypha HubSpot Development's capability to elevate CAF Worldwide's digital footprint and competitive edge in the global market.
1,150 Keywords Ranked at Peak
110 Keywords in Top 10 Positions
5,500 Site Visits in March 2022

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