With cloud-based software, bcs offers certificate of insurance tracking, vendor management, and risk management programs to organizations in more than a dozen industries.

various screenshots of images from bcs website

Launch Date

July 22, 2020


Current Client


Hypha client bcs lets you know exactly what their goal is when you land on the home page: “We’re making vendor compliance and certificate of insurance tracking cool. (You read that right!).” In other words, they transform dry, but necessary, subjects and make them accessible to potential customers. 

For more than three years, Hypha HubSpot Development has worked with bcs to position the company as a previously mentioned “cool” brand and establish their expertise in the COI tracking industry with the following: 

  • Engaging and informative strategic content
  • Optimized landing pages that address frequently asked questions
  • Conversion strategies to expand bcs’s audience and entice potential customers. 

Hypha also supported bcs’s re-brand in 2023 to a more vibrant color palette—including shades of indigo, yellow, blue, and pink—along with visual elements that elevate the user experience.

What We Did

  • Logo Design/Branding
  • Website Redesign
  • Core Site Content
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Collateral & Graphic Design

Tech Stack

  • cms hub icon CMS Hub
  • marketing hub icon Marketing Hub
  • sales hub icon Sales Hub
  • service hub icon Service Hub
various screenshots of images from bcs website

The Results

The name of the game for bcs has been an aggressive content strategy. Together with the company’s marketing team, Hypha developed clusters around bcs’s core offerings, mainly certificates of insurance. The plans included in-depth pillars centered on high-volume search terms and related blogs that addressed common queries. After completing the initial run of content, the team doubled down on refreshing existing pieces to optimize them for search, while continuing to expand bcs’s organic posture. They also introduced the “cheat sheet”—short, digestible versions of blogs that visitors could download upon exiting the site. 

This strategy led to tremendous growth. 

160% Organic monthly traffic growth from the first full month of services to now. In August of 2020, bcs had 6,480 organic sessions. By March 2023, they soared to almost 17,000 organic sessions.
150 Keywords related to “certificate of insurance” or “COI” where bcs pages rank in the top three search results as of this publication.
267% Increase in new organic contacts since August 2020, the start of Hypha's service. Much of this growth can be attributed to cheat sheets.

Key Features


The homepage, finalized in 2023, features elements of BCS’s recent rebrand. The pop of vibrant colors pop off neutral backgrounds and white space while complementing the layout of the software interface. The visual elements match the ‘personable, approachable, and authoritative’ tone of the copy.
screenshot of Homepage image from bcs website


The resources page hosts BCS’s blogs, videos (branded ‘BCS University’) and downloads. A preview of each resource is placed in a rounded cell with a point in the upper left corner, evoking the BCS logo, and include visual cues. When you hover over a video, for instance, the title changes to pink while the play button is encircled and pulses.
screenshot of Resources image from bcs website

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets contain all the main points of the blog in a more digestible format. They appeal to visitors on the go or who wish to share information with their colleagues and decision-makers.
screenshot of Cheat Sheets image from bcs website

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