What's Next?

SEO, how people search for products and services, the rise of AI—we are living amid a revolution of seismic changes transforming marketing, content creation, and much more. Team Hypha embraces this, and actively strives to harness these trends and technologies to achieve success for our clients.

Embracing the Future

We are always at the forefront of new and ever-evolving technologies.

The HubSpot platform itself is constantly evolving—both internally and externally—expanding integration capabilities to reduce friction and achieve maximum results across your entire tech stack!

Google algorithm updates are constantly driving the way sites are indexed and discovered. We not only keep abreast of the most recent modifications, but adapt our strategies accordingly to ensure maximum benefits for our clients. We implement structured data to optimize indexing, and prioritize optimization for all platforms beyond mobile-first, including assistive technology.

The future is awesome indeed, and we’ve been training our teams on all the latest chatbots and AI-powered search engines including ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard. These are all incredible tools to assist design and content creation, and so much more!

As these and other technologies continue to develop, so too will UX expectations—and we are prepared for what’s next!

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Artificial Intelligence Optimization & The Future of Marketing

AI is here to stay, and transforming how consumers find the products and services they need.

We expect AI to fundamentally change the way that people interact with technology in the years to come.

As a result, we are currently building out a product offering that puts AI at the center of a user’s website experience. Ensure your brand ranks at the top of search engines and chatbot results!

We'll show you how.

While other agencies are involved in a short-term arms race to produce as much content as possible, we are focused on what comes next. Our vision is to create closed-loop AI systems that can answer user questions based solely on the information that our content experts produce for it. 

Imagine a customer experience where you can simply ask a brand questions about its products and services, without having to actively search for information or schedule a meeting days ahead with a sales rep!

Are you ready for what's next?

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Introducing ChatUX

A Closed AI chat environment where you control the conversation.

This generative AI chatbot is trained on a fixed set of data we manage to ensure we control the narrative. This innovative chatbot crafts a conversational interface that always stays true to your brand. With the anticipated rise in preference for AI-driven chats as the primary mode of online engagement (accelerated by Bing AI and the imminent launch of Google's SGE), we cater to your customers in the manner they'll prefer – through effortless conversation.

  • Assured Control: With a carefully managed dataset, control your brand's narrative like never before.
  • Ahead of the Curve: Anticipating the shift towards AI chat interfaces, position your brand to take the lead in the evolving digital landscape.
  • Conversational Content Delivery: Break free from traditional information-search models. Deliver your brand's message the way modern users prefer: through natural and interactive conversations.
  • Ready for Tomorrow: ChatIUX shows your brand stays relevant and ready for what's next.

Want to see how a closed data set works? Just ask ChatUX "What does AI stand for?" and see how we can improve the conversation.


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