Ongoing Consulting with Hypha

After a successful implementation of the innovative HubSpot platform, it’s time to consider next steps. 


Your digital infrastructure has been upgraded, but the journey continues. Keep growing with the specialists who know you best and maintain momentum.

Our consulting retainer allows you to continue receiving the support you've come to depend on, from the specialists at Hypha who know you and your systems, avoiding added time for familiarization with your unique systems.

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Reduce Costs, Maintain Results

By transitioning to a lower-touch engagement appropriate to your needs, your financial obligation is limited while still benefiting from our expertise. Our flexible pricing options offer a base retainer of set monthly hours, which can scale up only as additional support is needed. Our team is by your side, providing the consulting and guidance you need to keep moving forward as your HubSpot experience increases. 

Additional Support Hour Blocks

When your needs fluctuate, and added support is needed, additional blocks of time can be purchased as one-time add-ons to your monthly subscription. 

One Time
As Needed

*For Current Customers Only

Consulting retainers at a reduced rate are intended for prior onboarding, implementation and retainer customers only. For new service agreements, please contact us to confirm which services are the best fit for your organization.

Consulting Retainer

Base support subscription of between one and 20 hours per month, used as recurring meetings and services delivered between calls.

No Minimum
Cancel Anytime


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We Thank You for Your Business

At Hypha, our responsibly is to help you make the most of your HubSpot software. Low-touch Consulting Retainers enable our clients to continue growing after an engagement has ended, maximizing your HubSpot utilization.