HubSpot Unlocks Growth for Healthcare Companies with HIPAA Support

HubSpot Unlocks Growth for Healthcare Companies with HIPAA Support

For companies in highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and insurance, managing sensitive customer data has long been a major hurdle to growth. To get a unified view of their customers while ensuring compliance with data privacy laws, these businesses have had to piece together different point solutions—leading to disconnected teams, fragmented customer experiences, and missed opportunities.

But that’s about to change, thanks to HubSpot’s game-changing new feature: HIPAA support for its powerful CRM platform.

The Struggle of Managing Sensitive Data 

Successful businesses use data to fuel growth. However, safely leveraging sensitive data like government IDs, medical records, and financial information to power marketing, sales, and service efforts has been an uphill battle, especially for healthcare companies and providers.

This friction has forced many to settle for a patchwork of disjointed systems, making it nearly impossible to maintain a true single source of truth for customer data. As a result, these businesses have struggled to deliver the seamless, personalized experiences that drive loyalty and revenue.

HubSpot’s HIPAA Support: A Breakthrough for Healthcare 

With HubSpot’s new HIPAA support layer, healthcare companies and providers can now securely store protected health information (PHI) and medical data within HubSpot’s Smart CRM. For the first time, they can have a complete, unified view of every customer in one central platform—backed by robust security and privacy protections that meet HIPAA’s stringent standards.

The potential to store marketing, sales, and customer/service data in a single location opens up a world of possibility, allowing improved lead generation, better segmentation and marketing automation, a more holistic view of sales opportunities, automation of deal management and appointment scheduling, and the ability to deliver service-related support. 

Additionally, by leveraging HubSpot’s already-existing user profiles tools, organizations can limit access to sensitive information by assigning specific permissions to individual users—meaning that marketers, for example, only have access to the data they need to be able to tailor messaging or build campaigns for a specific audience.

“We’ve worked with a lot of companies and providers in the healthcare space, and HIPAA support has been a consistent pain point,” said Jon Sasala, President of Hypha HubSpot Development. “This announcement couldn’t have come sooner, and gives us the opportunity to bring our full expertise across the HubSpot suite to bear for clients in healthcare, finance, and beyond. It’s a game changer. Although the feature is currently in beta, we couldn't be more excited about the possibilities it opens up for our clients moving forward.” 

Robust Security & Support 

To ensure businesses can manage HIPAA rigors across all go-to-market functions, HubSpot provides advanced security capabilities, including:

  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Automatic timeout for inactive sessions
  • Per-tenant data encryption

As Andy Pitre, HubSpot’s EVP of Product, noted in HubSpot’s official announcement, “Storing sensitive data in HubSpot has been the top customer request across industries. It not only strengthens the Smart CRM as the single source of truth for customer data, it means businesses no longer need to piece together solutions just to have a single view of their customer.”

An Enormous Growth Opportunity 

By removing a major roadblock to growth, HubSpot’s HIPAA support unlocks immense potential for healthcare and related industries. According to IDC research cited in the announcement, their combined total addressable market is over $30 billion today and projected to grow beyond $50 billion by 2028.

Is your organization ready to fully leverage customer data and accelerate growth? Contact Hypha today to learn how our HubSpot experts can implement a secure, compliant CRM strategy that unlocks your true potential.