Are You Generating Quality Leads for Your Website?

Are You Generating Quality Leads for Your Website?

Lead generation is the most important tool in any inbound marketing arsenal, and is one of the biggest challenges businesses of all sizes face.

If you are complacent about attracting quality leads, it could impact your customer base and result in possible revenue loss. This is especially critical for B2B companies generating sales through organic qualified leads.

How Inbound Marketing Delivers the Right Leads

So how do you position your website to regularly deliver qualified leads? It requires a combination of optimized content, effective calls to action, email campaigns, and other inbound marketing strategies.

Develop Optimized Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a critical component of driving high-quality traffic to any website. Positioning content to capture relevant keywords and phrases can increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract prospects.

Utilizing keyword research platforms such as Semrush or Moz can help with optimized, relevant content, such as blogs, resource pillars, and white papers, and also provide insight into what your competitors are writing about.

A content marketing strategy that’s informed by SEO best practices can drive high-quality leads to your site, and position your business as a thought leader and industry authority related to your target audience’s pain points.


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Consider Actionable Items

Attracting relevant leads is just one element of an effective content marketing strategy. Next, you’ll want to make sure prospects can easily find the information they’re seeking. Once you’ve accomplished that, you want to further incentivize them to remain engaged with your brand through valuable content offerings. Strategically placed calls to action (CTAs), which direct users to thoughtful content offers, provide such incentives. These could include free quotes, discounts, product demos, and other enticing benefits.

CTAs can be a powerful lead-generation tool if they’re positioned properly and include relevant messaging. Consider the following tips:

  • Make sure copy is short and concise
  • Avoid industry buzzwords
  • Focus on the prospect
  • Don’t use more than two strategically placed CTAs

Automated Email Campaigns

Hoping for a response from cold emails isn’t the most effective tactic. Instead, consider email sequences to boost audience engagement and “wake up” idle contacts. This can include attention-grabbing lead magnets, such as research studies, discounts, how-to guides, or other exclusive content.

Email marketing automation tools such as list segmentation, A/B testing, and workflows can be helpful for specific messaging and lead nurturing. Designed to engage potential leads meeting specific criteria, these customizations can guide prospective customers along the buyer’s journey.

Optimized Forms

While people may be hesitant to complete forms requesting personalized information, there is a way to make this painless.

Similar to the aforementioned CTAs, forms should be short and simple. It’s recommended to ask for the prospective lead’s first name, last name, and preferred contact methods, such as email. Test your forms or enlist your colleagues for opinions and feedback.

Consistent, Updated Messaging

Even with consistent quality leads, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels! A successful marketing strategy is built on constant improvement and updates. This could include regularly optimized site pages, blog updates, and testing and refining messaging.


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By leveraging essential content marketing tools, you can better position yourself to attract quality leads—but doing it yourself can prove difficult. To get the most out of these resources, it’s critical to partner with a digital marketing agency that has all of these tools—and more—in its back pocket.