Understanding HubSpot's Upcoming Pricing Changes: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the wake of unrolling a transformative vision for its suite of tools in 2023, HubSpot recently announced a significant change to its pricing model. Effective March 5th, 2024, the company is transitioning to a seat-based structure—a move intended to enhance flexibility and scalability. 

The goal of this post is to guide you through these changes, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success with HubSpot's industry-leading tools.

What’s Changing?

HubSpot is transitioning to a seat-based pricing model, effective March 5, 2024. This change introduces Core Seats with full editing capabilities and AI features, alongside unlimited, free View-Only Seats for broader team access.

What Are Core Seats & View-Only Seats?

Under its new pricing model, HubSpot is introducing two distinct types of seats. Core Seats offer full editing capabilities and access to AI features, designed for active users. In contrast, View-Only Seats provide unlimited, free access for users who need to view data and reports without editing capabilities.

How Will Existing HubSpot Customers Be Affected?

Current customers will not see immediate changes to their subscriptions. HubSpot plans to apply legacy status to existing plans. As such, our understanding at this time is that customers already on HubSpot will not see any change to their billing as a result of these changes.

Are View-Only Seats Truly Unlimited & Free?


View-Only Seats are designed to be unlimited and free for all paid portals. This allows businesses to provide access to a broader team without additional costs. One specific benefit of this is that sales managers or executives will have the option to view team activity without needing to hold a dedicated Sales Hub seat—something that is limited with HubSpot’s current setup.

Can I Adjust the Number of Core Seats as My Business Needs Change?

The short answer: yes!

Flexibility is a key component of the new pricing model. Businesses can adjust the number of Core Seats to match their evolving needs, ensuring scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Who Benefits From This?

The new pricing model should benefit a wide range of HubSpot users—particularly those in organizations that require flexibility in user roles and access levels. The new seat-based pricing will enable them to tailor the platform to their specific needs without incurring unnecessary costs.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that this will also benefit HubSpot: while legacy accounts won’t be impacted, this model will raise the cost for adding users to new accounts by anywhere from $15 to $75 per Core User, depending on the tier of HubSpot account.  

With this in mind, companies thinking about adding HubSpot should look into the possibility of locking in legacy account status—and seat-free pricing—prior to that March 5th deadline.

How Many Seats Come as Standard?

The number of seats built into the pricing structure vary by tier. At the time of writing, the following pricing and tier levels apply:

Starter Tier Subscriptions

Basic cost: $15/month, with one Core Seat.
Additional Starter Core Seats: $15 per user.

Professional Tier Subscriptions

Marketing Hub Pro: $890/month, with three Core Seats.
CMS Hub Pro: $400/month, with three Core Seats.
Operations Hub Pro: $800/month, with one Core Seat.
Sales Hub Pro: $100/month per seat, with no Core Seats.
Service Hub Pro: $100/month per seat, with no Core Seats.
CRM Suite Pro: $1,200/month, with three Core Seats, one Sales Seat, one Service Seat 

Additional Professional Core Seats: $50 per user.

Enterprise Tier Subscriptions

Marketing Hub Enterprise: $3,600/month, with five Core Seats.
CMS Hub Enterprise: $1,200/month, with five Core Seats.
Operations Hub Enterprise: $2,000/month, with one Core Seat.
Sales Hub Enterprise: $150/month per seat, with no Core Seats.
Service Hub Enterprise: $130/month per seat, with no Core Seats.
CRM Suite Enterprise: $4,000/month, with five Core Seats, one Sales Seat, one Service Seat 
Additional Professional Core Seats: $75 per user.

Does this Replace Sales Hub or Service Hub Seats?

No. While the new pricing structure will provide more view-only access to Sales and Service Hub data and activities for Core Seat Holders, only users with dedicated Sales Hub or Service Hub Seats holders will be able to take full advantage of the tools.

For further information, please refer to the official HubSpot announcements on their pricing changes and the new pricing model

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